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The Liebster, lieblings!

Yesterday – as probably none of you were aware – was Diary of a House Elf’s one-month-iversary.  I have to say, I couldn’t be happier with how the month has gone.  I’m still finding my groove and hoping to round out my blog with additional content/interests, but such is the way of life… a new … Continue reading

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Homage to my biffle… (Isn’t she gorgeous?)

Last Monday was my baby girl’s 16th birthday.  It is now officially awkward to keep telling people I’m 29.  It’s okay though.  I think people stopped believing me a year or two ago, but I digress… Let’s rewind to my actual pregnancy, shall we??  (We can skip the eight-ish years we wanted to be DINKs … Continue reading

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Today, Chloe’s Humanities class is discussing the “RIP Amanda Todd” Facebook page as well as her YouTube video.  First and foremost, let me offer my condolences to her family and friends.  The path she chose (suicide) is beyond tragic.  Catastrophic, more like.  She looked like a beautiful girl, inside and out, and the world can … Continue reading