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Teensy Weensy Little (I know, redundant) Rant…

So… ¬†(have you ever noticed I start a rather large amount of sentences with this tiny word? It’s like the calm before the storm…)… ¬†I am a largely positive person. I believe the universe multiplies the energy you put out there and returns it to you, gift-wrapped. Multiplication karma let’s call it. I also, however, … Continue reading

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“I think I’m right all the time.” ~Sarah {Now, could someone please make this all pretty, so I can pin it.}

I’ve been thinking about writing this post – or one like it – for weeks now. ¬†And there’s no small amount of irony involved in actually writing it and sending it “out there”. ¬†This will become clear once you read. ¬†I did want to mention it now, so that at some point when you get … Continue reading

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Entering the Fray… {alternatively titled: Happy Holidays vs. Merry Christmas}

For me (& mine), Christmas is a season of love, family & friendship. ¬†I know that yes, it is rooted in Christianity and it is Christ’s birthday. ¬†*thumbs up* ¬†And that is way awesome. ¬†My parents, however, were raised in¬†extremely different religions and they had already achieved the whole “kindness is my religion” before the … Continue reading