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As many of you know by now, I have a well-developed chef crush on Aussie Ross Dobson. ¬†His “Market Vegetarian” is my all-time, hands-down, favourite cookbook of all time. ¬†I profiled several of his recipes on our family blog and have incorporated so many of his de-lish dishes into my regular repertoire, it seems only … Continue reading

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DAY TRIPPIN’… Southlands Nursery

Today’s post is the first in my “day trippin’” series which will showcase some of the beautiful parks, shops, neighbourhoods, etc. that are quite literally on my doorstep. ¬†Downtown Vancouver – among other destinations – is less than an hour away and completely reachable within my childrens’ school days. ¬†I drop them off, pick up … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Year of Austere:
In the spirit of dietary austerity, I thought I’d share one of our new favourite family dinners. ¬†It’s healthy, hearty and totally Autumn-worthy…. ¬†like this Summer has been. ¬†With record-breaking (and totally nasty, I might add) temperatures everywhere else in North America, our rainy, peek-a-boo sun days are a…

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This morning’s post will be brief, colorful & dis-jointed. ¬†You’re welcome. ¬†The last 24 hours have set my mind on fire and my thoughts are chaotic and jumbled (yes, more than usual). ¬†Yesterday, was an AWESOME first day back on my fitness routine. (If everyone I care about could please just stay alive this time … Continue reading