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Who knew the Mayans were actually predicting the death of my blogging muse??

Merp. ¬†Yesterday found me having lunch with some of my very favourite people on the planet – all of them fellow bloggers, it just so happens. ¬†I told them I had lost my blogging mojo and that all I felt like blogging was a giant *raspberry*. ¬†They thought that was funny and told me to … Continue reading

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I popped my bokeh cherry! And just in time for Christmas!!

Eke!! ¬†I know, in theory, I should wait until Photo Fetish Friday (aka Friday) to post these, but what the heck. ¬†It’s my blog and I can break my own rules. ¬†I haven’t written a Day Trippin’ post in awhile due to the constant rain and today Nicholas is home sick, so I thought I’d … Continue reading