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Apparently someone doesn’t know me very well…

…because they think I deserve the Super Sweet Blogging Award!!! ¬†Many thanks to Jackie at I love her blog! She is “a simple wanderer” and is honest, funny and talented. You should leave now and visit her blog. I’ll wait….. Go on. ‘kay, so back to me. ūüėČ I have to say that receiving … Continue reading

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Teensy Weensy Little (I know, redundant) Rant…

So… ¬†(have you ever noticed I start a rather large amount of sentences with this tiny word? It’s like the calm before the storm…)… ¬†I am a largely positive person. I believe the universe multiplies the energy you put out there and returns it to you, gift-wrapped. Multiplication karma let’s call it. I also, however, … Continue reading

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Who knew the Mayans were actually predicting the death of my blogging muse??

Merp. ¬†Yesterday found me having lunch with some of my very favourite people on the planet – all of them fellow bloggers, it just so happens. ¬†I told them I had lost my blogging mojo and that all I felt like blogging was a giant *raspberry*. ¬†They thought that was funny and told me to … Continue reading

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“I think I’m right all the time.” ~Sarah {Now, could someone please make this all pretty, so I can pin it.}

I’ve been thinking about writing this post – or one like it – for weeks now. ¬†And there’s no small amount of irony involved in actually writing it and sending it “out there”. ¬†This will become clear once you read. ¬†I did want to mention it now, so that at some point when you get … Continue reading

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What can I say? ¬†I’ve got New York on my ¬†mind. ¬†This time last year, I was wrapping up a getaway with a few besties and January 1st, I wing away again for a few days’ celebration. ¬†(Apparently, I won’t be celebrating, to be clear. ¬†I’ve been told in no uncertain terms by the sweet-16-year-old … Continue reading