I’ve moved! You can find me ‘on love street’!

Hello, my lovelies!

I hope this finds you all happy, healthy, wealthy & wise! I know it’s been forever and I apologize for losing my mojo somewhere along the way. I searched & searched and just couldn’t find it. At least, I couldn’t make a go of “Diary of a House Elf” anymore. When you build a blog and put so much of yourself into it, it’s really hard to realize that you’ve outgrown it. It’s like buying your first house, I guess. It’s all hearts & rainbows in the beginning. You paint & decorate and start a family. As you grow as a family, you invest in good storage & paint some more. Eventually, however, no amount of paint, polish or tender loving care can hide that fact that your once-small family has burst the seams of your beloved starter home. It’s time to move. And that’s what I’ve done. I thought about porting this blog from .com to .org, but I needed wholesale change, so I’ve started back at the beginning. I actually love the process of building a blog & following from the ground up. I don’t know how much I’ll blog here anymore, but I am blogging MWF at my new blog and if you’d like to join me in my new place, you can find me here, “on love street“. If we end up losing touch, please know that I’ve enjoyed our time together & I wish only good things for you!

Take care,

Sarah xoxo

p.s. Here’s my other contact info should you wish to keep in touch that way… Pinterest ~ Instagram ~ Twitter.

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