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47 Things I Know

It seems like a list-making type of day and, for some reason, the number 47 is floating in the ether, so I’m just going to go with it… Here are, in no particular order, 47 things I know….

  1. Love is everything…. It is the sun that feeds our souls and heals our hearts. It is a magical elixir that binds and comforts us. The tiniest dose can prevent sadness, boost immunity and stave off even death. Share it. Pass it around. Spread the love.
  2. Laughter is the best medicine…. Find what tickles your funny bone and indulge. Daily. Seriously, do it. It’s good for your mind, body & soul.
  3. Time heals all things…. Being the emotional bags of jelly juice that we are, time gives us distance & perspective. It also reminds us that there is no time like the present. Dragging your past forward or stressing out about your future only damages the only real moment you have, the present. Treat it like the gift it is. I’ve had enough loss to be diligent in this. Please don’t squander it.
  4. Children are a gift from the universe. Please treat them accordingly. They are entrusted into your care, but are not yours. They are theirs and theirs alone. Parent and be-friend them, but don’t live their lives for them. Live your own. (Thank you, Kahlil Gibran.)
  5. Communication is key. You will need to indulge in alot more of #2 & #3 if you screw this one up. Trust me.
  6. Friendships are complicated. If you could chart them, some would be constant & steady on the graph and others would be spiky, dramatic and all over the place. My advice is to clear room in your heart and life for both kinds.
  7. Being different rocks. We are 100% unique and should draw strength, confidence and self-esteem from these differences, not temper them to fit in.
  8. Education is paramount.
  9. Time spent outdoors is good for the soul. (Don’t tell Glenn. He might use it to make me camp.)
  10. Quitting is empowering. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Quit for a good reason though. Quit to stand up, not opt out.
  11. Our parents hold magical secrets about our lives and our family lineage. Mine that knowledge while you can.
  12. A good deed is never unrecognized. Karma has your back.
  13. Being nice and being kind are two distinctly different things. Strive for kindness every time. If you fall short of that, at least be nice. It’s a shadow of kindness, but it beats the alternative.
  14. Respect and courtesy are two different concepts. I learned that from Glenn, as with so many other things. Trying to teach your children to be respectful of their elders while simultaneously teaching them that respect is earned is confusing. Our path has been to teach our children that everyone is to be treated courteously, but that respect is, indeed, earned. I enjoy clarity with my concepts. 😉
  15. Chocolate tastes sinful, but is actually good for us. This has taught me that the best things in life really are pretty obvious.
  16. Religion is divisive. If we could come to a place where we embraced our differences, this would no longer be a bad thing. I pray for that day.
  17. Art – in all its glorious manifestations – is poetry for our souls. Whether your brand of art looks like it might be hanging in the Louvre or you watch it at the movie theatre, it’s all good for you. Indulge. Support the arts.
  18. Forgiving and forgetting are more about us than anyone else. Let it go already.
  19. Shared experiences are at the core of every valuable relationship. Take the time to create memories with people you love. Now. Go. I’ll wait….
  20. Travel – even road trips to nearby cities – is eminently worthwhile. It shifts your perspective and alleviates your need to judge. We are all different. We were raised differently. And that’s okay. We’re more similar than different.
  21. Actually, that’s a good point. (Well done, Sarah. 😉 ) We’re more similar than different. On the surface you and I may be worlds apart – ethically, ethnically, financially, globally, sexually, you name it, but this is what I desire… To be treated courteously, kindly and with love. How different are your goals?
  22. Thinking about my life to write this, I can’t help give a nod to my vegetarianism. I’ve been one for almost forty years. It is a core component of my personality and so must be mentioned…. I enjoy being a vegetarian and I would encourage (here, in this small place) others to give it a go.
  23. My family loves me. This I know through and through. It seemed worth mentioning.
  24. And, I love them. Beyond measure. Oceans of love could not begin to compare. I would do literally anything for them.
  25. My dad was, is and will forever be my ethical compass. Find yours.
  26. My mom was, is and will forever be my life force, my sheer ability to endure. Seems fitting since she brought me here in the first place.
  27. I believe in the concept that you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. A word of caution here… Please don’t eliminate entirely the people you deem lower on your scale. You might be their #1. You don’t have to prioritize to take a little time. Again, spread the love.
  28. Faith and surrender are worthwhile concepts to contemplate.
  29. Sleep is as essential as food. Get enough.
  30. Food is one of the few indulgences for the moral soul. My advice would be to indulge, but moderately.
  31. Loyalty is to be cherished. It’s rarer than you might think.
  32. “Being busy” is a pale substitute for having a full, rich life. Aim for the latter.
  33. Music heals the mind and moves the body. Thank the heavens there are no cameras in my house. My body-moving might harm someone else’s mind. I embrace the concept “dance like no one’s watching”. 😉
  34. Knowing your happy place will shelter you in times of sadness. Hold on to it like it’s a lighthouse on a foggy night. Happy thoughts, happy thoughts…
  35. Happiness is a choice. Let’s get real. Shit happens to everyone. (Another things that should unite us, not divide us.) How we deal with it defines us, not the mere fact of shit’s existence.
  36. Talking about joyful things is not bragging. Being boastful is bragging. Talking about our sorrows, woes and losses (not to mention our shit) should not be an acceptable pass time. It’s society’s biggest current addiction. Do you think you are helping the person you’re telling, raising them up? Or are you just fine pulling them down?
  37. Reading good books (hell, any books!) feeds the soul. And is as close to traveling as one can get without all that pesky airport business. (Please don’t make me take my shoes off. I forgot this was Orwell’s “1984” and wore my crazy socks…)
  38. Tending a garden tends the mind. My dad did some of his best thinking in the garden and many of his lessons about tending a garden have translated seamlessly into life lessons…. Don’t make a chore of it. Just get out there. Do what you can… etc. etc. I’ve gardened my whole adult life and have come to realize that a garden is a keyhole into the gardener’s mind. If you’re truly curious about someone and they garden, take a look.
  39. Living in the present doesn’t mean forgetting the past nor ignoring the future. Contrary to what #3 might have led you to believe, learning from our past mistakes is essential and having an eye to the future equally so. Honour your past and make amends, by all means. And set yourself up today for a bright, happy, rewarding future, but LIVE in the moment.
  40. You will be judged. So, with that in mind, be judged for who you really are. Someone, somewhere will have something to say. Try to be courteous in response. Your answer indicates a second time who you are.
  41. Work is more than a means to an end. It is an indication of our willingness to participate & to belong. Imagine we are all in this together (& we are)… Now, how will you be judged (#40) if you fail your community? Work hard. Every member of society has something valuable to contribute. Please don’t be stingy with your talents. We need you.
  42. You can learn something from everyone.
  43. Kindness trumps all else. End. Of. Story.
  44. Suck it up, Buttercup. Life is hard at times. If it were all hearts, rainbows and unicorns, there would be very little to be learned. Breathe it all in, learn something and let it all go.
  45. I am blessed. Not any more or less than anyone else. I merely recognize it.
  46. The day I met Glenn was the luckiest day of my life. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, all my blessings are because of him.
  47. Chloe & Nicholas are not only gifts from the universe, they are my reason for living, my greatest legacy, my best friends, my heart & my soul. I adore them beyond measure. This I know.

If you’re still here, thanks. I wrote this more for me today than anyone else. It’s comforting, I think, to realize that I actually know anything at all! Writing this was empowering. Consider making your own list. And then consider casting it out into the blogosphere to (perhaps, hopefully) inspire other people. I wish you well. Have a good one. Sarah xoxoxo

6 thoughts on “47 Things I Know

  1. Thank you for your posting on November 20th. I realized that I pin many of your pins on Pinterest and thought I’d check in on you. I needed to hear the 47 points you made about life and living tonite. They were “pointerest”ing!

    Thanks again and I’ll be following-

    • Hi Becky! Thanks for the feedback and many apologies for the tardy response. I’ve been in something of a blogging funk and haven’t chased the cobwebs out of this space in a long time! I’ve searched for you on Pinterest, but can’t seem to find you. If you share your Pinterest name, I’ll follow you! s. xo

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