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Multi MEdia

S’up, dawgs? It’s been awhile. It’s been so long, in fact, that I hardly know how to begin. I have a multitude of posts jingle-jangling in my head all vying for attention. Mad ones, happy ones, sad and angry ones, a few inspirational ones, some highly personal ones and some straight-up funny ones. I’ve been pushing blogging off to the side for so many months now that I fear I’ll be opening my version of Pandora’s box, so be warned, I guess. I’m not crystal clear what will come tumbling out in the days and weeks to come.

I do know that I’ve had a fantastic summer. One of the best ever, in fact. The weather has been (and still is) phenomenally perfect. My kids are healthy and sun-kissed and, sadly, back at school. We spent a week in SoCal, taking the kids to Disneyland and then to beautiful Huntington Beach to ride waves and chill by the pool. Also, my family hit the perfect camping balance this summer. Glenn and Nick took off to canoe-in campsites for a few weekends while Chloe and I attended outdoor concerts and shopped….. Now, that’s my kind of camping. Have fun, boys!

And, while I’ve been absent on WordPress and even Facebook, I have been ever-present on Pinterest and Twitter. I guess that’s all the self-expression I could handle over the summer. Now, though, that niggling “you should get blogging again” voice is not to be ignored. I feel the need to re-claim this little piece of my identity and see what takes shape. I have learned, however, over time that not everything I have to say makes everybody happy all the time and that, too, has given me pause to contemplate my words, my intentions and my purpose here.  My purpose is and always has been self-expression, nothing more, nothing less. And that, my friends, is what we’re all here for – an outlet.

I hope the months spent apart have been good to you, blogger friends. Let’s catch up soon. s. xoxo


5 thoughts on “Multi MEdia

    • Hey Kozo!! Hugs to you, my long lost blogger friend! I hope life has been good to you in my absence! We’ll have to catch up soon. I’ll swing by in the next day or two and see what you’ve been up to! xo

    • Hi April! Thank you for dropping by! My theme song these days must have a chorus of “the best of intentions”! I said I was back 2 months ago! Wherever does the time go?? xo

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