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Very briefly, I would mention that I am considering re-naming these photo days as my statistics show I am getting an inordinate amount of “fetish” seekers and I’m pretty sure this blog isn’t what they were Googling. 😉 Any amazing ideas for a re-name would be appreciated, by the way. Please feel free to leave ideas in the comment section.

Today’s photo is from a photo shoot with my absolute favourite model – my daughter. She is game for anything and everything (no, still not anything someone searching “fetish” would enjoy… 😉 ) and not infrequently asks for ideas for a new profile picture. With all things “curler” popping up on Pinterest (in my feed at least), this was an easy idea to come up with last weekend. I hope you enjoy it. We had a hoot taking it. Have a fabulous weekend, my friends! xo


12 thoughts on “PHOTO FETISH FRIDAY

  1. Love the photo, although I don’t have a curler fetish. I would keep the name the same and just change the photos. haha. {{{hugs}}} Kozo

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