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This week, I am re-launching my “Weekly Want” posts with a special request…. I’d like a sassy gay friend. I think if you triangulated a lifelong relationship and love of most things Shakespeare, my relationship with my daughter, Chloe and any friendship drama I’ve ever had, this desire was born. You could probably plot it’s coordinates.

If you take all the best Shakespeare moments from my life….

  • Sophomore Seminar (English honours) with a crazy ex-soccer-playing soccer coach/English teacher that grilled us on all things Shakespeare on game days. Mercilessly. “Miss Johnson, you now have a chance to redeem yourself. What is….??”  *sweat*shrink*cower*
  • “Romeo & Juliet” with Leonard Whiting and Olivia Hussey. I’ve seen it more times than I care to admit. Love it. Romeo was a super hottie.
  • “Hamlet” play in university with one of my BFFs, Casey. He made me stay in the class even after the syllabus on the first day indicated we would have to act out a scene. Eke. It turned out to be one of my all-time favourite experiences. Even if, in rehearsal, I died twice while my then-fiance watched and I’ve never lived it down – as he is my now-husband.
  • Visiting the Shakespeare theatre in Stratford-upon-Avon. Sadly, we missed Patrick Stewart performing there by mere weeks. One day I’ll get over it.
  • And, within the last month, the “Sassy Gay Friend” videos on YouTube. His Shakespeare ones make our day. The lines are already epic in our house. “Does moor really mean more?” “So we kill ourselves?” Oh my gosh, Chloe is a riot.

… and then combine these with our obsessive love for documentaries, I think a Craigslist ad is perhaps in order. (Ever seen “Craigslist Joe”? My girl, Kim, over at whiskeytangofoxtrot4, recommended it.)

WANTED: One sassy gay friend to be available at a moment’s notice to accompany a housewife/mom to the grocery store, pub, book club, you name it. Please provide references, a head shot and a brief video clip.

I think perhaps a mini-documentary could be in order. It’d be fun if nothing else. And, maybe, just maybe, I’d end up with a new friend. A sassy gay one, to be clear. I will leave you with the clip from “Hamlet” that started it all. The “Othello” and “Romeo & Juliet” ones are equally entertaining. (I’d add that you’re all “stupid bitches” but if you don’t watch/like/find funny the videos, you might be offended. So I won’t add it. I’ll just mention it here awkwardly in parentheses.)  Have a good one! I’m off to write an ad.  😉

10 thoughts on “WEEKLY WANT

    • Yes!! Mr. Sullivan!!! I just remember also thinking that it wasn’t embarrassing being “targeted” because everyone was fair game and while he was focusing his attention on you, everyone else was breathing a sigh of relief! Good times. 🙂

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  2. Haha, I like this! I’m a guy and I could even use one of those every now and then 🙂

    Thanks for sharing, have a nice weekend!


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