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PHOTO FETISH FRIDAY {aka Four Freezies}

For today’s photo throwback, I have selected a snap of a very fun day last Summer. My niece and nephew were staying with us for the week and I took them, Chloe & Nicholas to Playland. My niece and nephew are lovely and I love them in their own right, but they remind me so much of their dad (my brother) that not loving them would never be an option. I freaking adore that man. He is eight years older than me and I’m sure I’ve always thought he was the best big brother on the planet. Pretty sure I’m still a punk kid in his eyes, but he is one of my heroes. And my hero list is a very, very short one. His children are a perfect blend of his generosity, quick wit, & common sense married with his wife’s sweet, loyal, compassionate nature. I’m happy to have had the chance to get to know them better last year and I look forward to many fun times to come.

(And, yes, I edited the photo. It was a grey day and the cloudy background didn’t marry with my memory of a day full of fun and laughter. This one comes closer.)

Have a great weekend!! s. xo


7 thoughts on “PHOTO FETISH FRIDAY {aka Four Freezies}

    • Francesca, the love is one thing. The relationship is another. I have and will always adore him, but the relationship has become complicated by distance, communication and, perhaps, other people. It doesn’t change the fact that I adore him. And his kids are oh so like him. xo

  1. This is such a great photos Sarah, I love how it’s only the four of them on the ride in the pic, and the shutter speed must have been quite high to get that clarity and sharpness!

    Also the editing adds to the pic, I edit my pics too, bringing out the elements that I like and minimizing the the things I don’t. A bit of artistic editing is totally acceptable in my books 🙂


    • Many thanks, Rohan! We managed to hit Playland mid-week on a rather grey Summer day, so it was a tad vacant. For us, it meant no line-ups and more fun! I agree about the editing – it adds a level of emotion & atmosphere that makes the photo more “real” than it would be unedited. I try to keep it on the down-low usually though! Have a good one!! 🙂

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