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…and, in an instant, my world changed forever…


I had a post (in my head) all set to write this morning and then the unthinkable happened. Matthew Crawley died. I mean, really, what the h*ll?!? I feel like I lost a family member. One I like, to be clear. πŸ˜‰

Downton Abbey is far and away my favourite show. I love the characters. I love Maggie Smith (aka Professor McGonagall). I love the period. I love the costumes. I love it that the downstairs staff is haughtier than their upstairs counterparts. I love Carson. I love it that Mary took a Turkish man for a lover in the first season. (Quel horreur!) Let’s get real here. I love everything about the show. That is, until they killed off Matthew Crawley last night…. *sob*sob*

I understand why he was written out and knew it was coming, but I am gutted nonetheless. Odds are high that I will indeed visit NYC to see Dan Stevens on Broadway, but he will forever remain Matthew Crawley in my eyes. He made believers out of us. He was good and kind and principled. He had integrity and strength of character. And, most importantly, his eyes lit up with love and passion any time his gaze rested on Mary. *sigh* Β He made us all love him.

In parting, I will say this…. The world needs more Matthew Crawleys and less “Bachelors”. If we can’t actually find a “reality star” worth admiring, I say let’s keep those screenwriters busy. Let’s give our boys and men something to aspire toward rather than sink to. RIP Matthew Crawley. You will be missed.

20 thoughts on “…and, in an instant, my world changed forever…

  1. As somebody who has never watched ‘Downtown Abbey’ before, I’m grateful to you for explaining the nature for this Post.

  2. I could not believe when they killed him off! (I live in the UK and saw this in the Xmas special here… which it was here, not the season finale…anyways..) the whole episode was setting up season 4… I wonder… will Lady Mary be one of the first women estate owners in the country? As much as I hate to see him go… this may open up a lot of very interesting plot developments!

    • True enough on the plot, but I am still in shock. We all waited soooo long for them to get their timing sorted and then this. At least it didn’t ruin Christmas! Thank goodness they didn’t air it here on Valentine’s either! πŸ™‚

  3. This show is Francesca’s all time favorite for the very same reasons that you spelled out in this post – I am starting getting worried: is this some kind of contagious disease that spreads via cable (like a modern day version of the awesome REM song What’s the frequency, Kenneth)? πŸ˜‰
    Before the both of you get mad at me, I’ll say upfront that I am only teasing ;-D I don’t know, I’m just more of a Dexter or Boardwalk Empire kind of guy πŸ˜‰

    • Thanks for the high praise on the wording, oh wise wordsmith! πŸ˜‰ Don’t tell me you don’t watch DA!!! There’s one Irish person in it…. Lol!! xo

  4. Well, Stefano said it already. It is a decease! For me, it is a sort of immersion in a world where good manners, family tradition, kindness and proper and polite language still mattered and where cruelty was not that violent. We were still trying to recover from Sybil’s death. What are we going to do now that Matthew is gone too? A friend of mine pointed out that the writers could have been even more “cruel” having Matthew dying on his way to the hospital to see the baby. Thank goodness, we have been spared!

    • I couldn’t agree more, Francesca! I love it. Actually, my husband and daughter love it too. It’s just my son (11) who finds it dull… Maybe he’d like it better if it was a video game! And, thank goodness they spare us that ending. That would have been terrible. Maybe we will all have to go to his Broadway show!! (Poor Stefano! haha!)

  5. Cheers! Well said. I watched an episode of Downton this season with my 93 year old grandma and I asked her why she thought the show was so popular. ‘Isn’t it obvious?’ she said, ‘Those reality shows are just so depressing!’

    • That’s so true! Thankfully, reality shows aren’t all that real. While I admit to a fondness for several of them, they really represent the worst of human nature, sadly. I say to PBS, “Keep it comin’!” πŸ™‚

  6. Somehow I had read in an unrelated article weeks ago, that Dan Stevens was leaving the show, so I kind of knew he was going to get bumped-off. I didn’t watch the finale because of it…too painful! Oh well, at least we’ll get to watch Mary fall in love again someday, right?

    • I had heard he was leaving the show as well, but I think a part of me hoped his plans had changed. It was a lovely episode until the end. And, yes, watching Mary fall in love again will be enjoyable. Nice that you see the bright spot in all that!! Thanks for swinging by!

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