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Happy Valentine’s Day, Blogger Friends!!

This is my super-retro, uber-quickie, ’80’s throwback Valentine to all of you! This was my absolute favourite song and still gives me tingles when “I’ll stop the world and melt with you” is sung. I have chills up my arm even now listening to it. I love every single one of you and have enjoyed these last few months blogging more than you can know. Have a lovely day, my friends! Be sure to spread the love! Kisses, hugs, & virtual roses, s. xoxo

12 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day, Blogger Friends!!

  1. Musically speaking, I am still very much stuck in the Eighties… They bring back a lot of memories.
    Thanks for sharing, Sarah, and happy Valentine’s Day to you too 🙂

    • The ’80s were pretty awesome, I have to admit. My daughter loves every type of music & enjoys it when I remember something new. I hope you and Francesca had a lovely Valentine’s!!

    • Haha!! I’m not sure either, but this one was pure magic as far as I’m concerned! I hope you and your lovely lady had a fantastic Valentine’s!! Hugs to you too!

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