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Teensy Weensy Little (I know, redundant) Rant…

So…  (have you ever noticed I start a rather large amount of sentences with this tiny word? It’s like the calm before the storm…)…  I am a largely positive person. I believe the universe multiplies the energy you put out there and returns it to you, gift-wrapped. Multiplication karma let’s call it. I also, however, enjoy a healthy dose of humour and sarcasm in my daily life. And if I’m not laughing with you there’s a chance I’m laughing at you. Sorry not sorry.

I do try not to judge people though. Honestly, I love everyone. You and me could totally be BFFs. I don’t give a flying f….ortune cookie (see what I did there, Kozo?) that you are *insert random perceived unloveable thing about you here*. I care whether you are a kind, loving, ethical, basically intelligent person with a sense of humour…. (that enjoys Happy Hour… We meet at the pub.  Be there.) I know this seems at odds with the previous paragraph, but what can I say? I’m complex. Just because I notice that you get morally outraged about wheat rather than an actual social injustice doesn’t mean I’m judging you for it. It just means I noticed. And perhaps wondered about it a little.

Now, the big bug-a-boo is that if I’m trying to be positive and love you regardless and take the high road when we have conflict, where, pray tell, is the fun in that? Where oh where does my sense of humour get to come out and play? SNL isn’t cutting it, I can tell you that much right now. Regardless of “my journey” or my “new mindset”, there will inevitably be situations that make me go…. hmmmm….. I want to ki__ (insert letters of your choice here, options vary…) you.


So,my question for y’all today is…


8 thoughts on “Teensy Weensy Little (I know, redundant) Rant…

  1. It all depends on the offender. There are a few people on this planet who suffer my anger via tongue lashing. The rest just get the benefit of my quiet rage (read tongue biting) and then I count on the gods of Karma to work it all out in the end. And so far, I have to say … Karma wins. Almost without fail.

    • Oh, to be on your bad side!! Karma is seriously good at her job, don’t get me wrong. I am just questioning how “enlightened” I am willing/able to make my response be – given my temper/personality/sense of humour. Road trip soon??? xoxo

  2. Hi Sarah! I could and I have used all of the above. I don’t recommend ripping someone a new one with the email/text option. Been there, done that, didn’t work out so good. :0))) For me it depends on the combination situation/offender/event. I do however believe in Karma and I do mostly try and shut my face and swallow it for the most part BUT sometimes a good face to face is what is needed. ta da!!

  3. I’m assuming we talk about people we care about. Usually, I find myself speechless and I need some time to calm down. I grab the telephone, call Stefano and start blabbering in Roman slang with mine South-of-Italy blood going crazy and getting dramatic. My second step is elaborating what happened. I go over and over it until I start figuring things out (at least my version). My third and final step is never revenge because, very deep, I’m a decent human being and also because I think that there is justice in this world and what goes around comes around. Unfortunately, my final step is almost never forgiveness either (although I have been raised according to catholic principles and, therefore, I should know better). Not because I’m such implacable judge of human behavior but because there is never a face-to-face honest clarification. Words and actions stay there, hanging, and people are not interested in making things right.
    Bottom line: I just start putting a lot of distance and try not to think about it anymore. Sometimes, I succeed.

    • Thanks for such a thoughtful answer, Francesca. I appreciate the advice. I struggle with forgiveness as well. And, I have a hard time moving on for some of the same reasons. By the time that I am well and truly angry, I have neither the will nor the inclination to have a “heart-to-heart” with someone I, sadly, no longer care to have in my life. Your bottom line is exactly mine. xo

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