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Casting a Stone for Peace

I’ve written and deleted two full-length posts on peace today. Both were effort-laden and a tad preachy. What can I say? It’s my style, but I’m working on that. The basic message of both was that peace begins at home.

Mother Teresa was quoted (in answer to a question), “What can you do to promote world peace? Go home and love your family.” And I believe that’s where it begins. The healthiest (physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually), kindest, most confident children come from happy, loving homes that place love and nurturing a child’s self-esteem above all other family endeavours. And, in time, these children will grow up to become the most loving, kind, ethical adults.

This would not only cement the future, but the process of changing people’s hearts and souls toward positive, healthy thoughts begins immediately. I see positive change all the time. I am constantly inspired by friends and family that are on personal journeys toward bettering themselves. All of this contributes to a more positive, peace-full world, if only on a small scale.

If you would like to join the B4Peace movement, head on over to Kozo’s blog at everyday gurus. He is a blogger with heart and soul and he is striving to make the world a better place. Hat’s off to you, Kozo! Take care, everyone! Peace. xoxo

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7 thoughts on “Casting a Stone for Peace

  1. Love this Sarah. I love the Mother Teresa quotes, but more than those I love how you personalize the peace challenge. I can tell that you not only talk the talk, but you are willing to walk the walk. Kudos to you.
    I would say that Mother Teresa’s quotation about loving one’s family is perfect, except I would argue that husbands should go home and love their wives. I read somewhere that the best thing a man can do to help raise his children is to love his wife. I did not know how to love my wife the way she deserved to be loved until recently. Our household has been a lot more peaceful since, and my children can pick up the vibe.
    Thank you for this very heartfelt and wise post, Sarah. Welcome to B4Peace. {{{Hugs}}} Kozo

    • I’m so glad you both talked about starting with the family. Modeling for children is huge. They will do (and become) what they see, what they learn. Today it is more important than ever as our kids see a society filled with violence: violent images, violent games, violent movies. Important to overcome that at home as best we can. Peace.

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