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Yesterday’s post must have helped because, well, here I am. I am still crushing on NYC and am scheming to make it an annual trip. My latest, greatest cost justification is that the trip is cheaper than the insurance on Glenn’s motorcycle for a year. Β Good one, right? Thank you, thank you. When it comes to matters of creative financial expenditures, I am a whiz. Too bad you can’t make any money with that gift! Ah, the irony.

The following photo was taken from Madison Square Park, just past the Buckyball. We had spent the morning walking from our hotel to the Plaza through Central Park to the Met. We lingered awhile in the Met, catching a cab after to take us to Max Brenner for lunch and chocolate fondue. Yum. The neighbourhood was new to me and ripe for shopping (mis)adventures. In our post-chocolate comas, we stumbled upon ABC Home. Pretty sure I actually heard angels sing and the flamboyant greeter literally made our day. He was so sweet and just as excited as we were to be there. When he said there were five – count them… five! – more floors to enjoy, we wept tears of joy. Okay, on the inside – where it counts!

Shopping lasted as long as our chocolate buzz and then we were, thankfully, unable to find a taxi willing to take us to Times Square during rush hour. I say thankfully because we were able to discover more delights. Madison Square Park is lovely and the Buckyball was uber-cool. We did manage to find a cab several blocks past the park that dropped us at the tkts booth where we scooped tickets to “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof” with Scarlett Johansson – which was awesome. She was beyond captivating.

Whether I make it back this Christmas or not, I will go again. Of this I am sure. Have a great day and fantastic weekend! Β Love up your people!!!


11 thoughts on “PHOTO FETISH FRIDAY

  1. it’s an amazing city to visit! so amazing we decided we had to live here even if just for a little while. there is nothing i like more than just walking around the city taking photos πŸ™‚

    • Jealous! Are you there now? It is a remarkable city for photography I have to admit. And I discover something that I miss each time – requiring yet another visit!!

      • Yes, we live in Brooklyn actually but it’s so easy to get around I find myself wandering both boroughs often πŸ™‚ And yes, turn a corner and there’s something new! Could be a statue, a park, or the best chocolate chip cookie ever made!

      • No kidding! I was almost to Brooklyn on a previous visit. We made it 90% of the way across the Brooklyn Bridge – affixing a love lock on the way (shhh, don’t tell). Brooklyn’s high on my list for my next visit. Any must-sees??

      • I’ve walked the bridge both directions many times…it’s my favorite thing to do because whether the sky is blue, gray, or foggy, it’s beautiful every time and always a little different. maybe i saw your lock? πŸ™‚ sadly i haven’t been to any of the museums over here yet but have plans to go at some point. the neighborhoods are really neat here. i live in park slope right next to prospect park which is a brownstone filled neighborhood with cute shops and restaurants and of course, the park right there. prospect heights has a lot of up and coming restaurants and shops as well which is just across a major road from our area. brooklyn heights is a really old neighborhood with cobblestone streets and cool buildings also full of shops & restaurants. we spend a lot of time in williamsburg because that is where all the bands play and bars we like to go to are located. i plan to do more blogging about the things i see and do so follow along if you’d like πŸ™‚

      • Thanks! And I have followed you! I’ll be paying close attention as I really do love your city! Have a great weekend, Amber!! πŸ™‚

      • πŸ™‚ you too! if you have questions anytime, let me know. i may or may not know the answer haha! being a new city dweller it’s always funny to get questions because half the time i’m also wandering around lost, i just don’t mind it because i know i’ll eventually figure out where i am if i just keep walking.

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