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Ahhh…. The Rock.  Covering it only briefly in high school geography, I knew little about Newfoundland when I first laid eyes on my guy all those years ago.  In the time between then and now, I have visited this soulful province many times and know it, perhaps, a little better now.

I’ve strapped on cross country skis and literally skied out the back door of my in-laws then-property. I’ve boogie-boarded the North Atlantic with my hubby and kids at the seaside.  I’ve built sand castles, picked buckets of tiny, tart blueberries, hiked cliffs overlooking some of the most beautiful scenery on the planet.  I’ve been for many a ride in my father-in-law’s aluminum outboard with whales breaching the deep calm not twenty feet away.  I vividly remember the summer the Dept. of Fisheries & Oceans sent staff out to investigate the massive jellyfish (seriously… we’re talking 2+ feet across) all along the tiny beach.  I’ve visited the easternmost point in North America -aka Cape Spear. I’ve translated at the Tim Horton’s when even my husband couldn’t understand their outport dialect.  (Lar’ T’un’erin’ b’y! 😉 )   I’ve attended a wedding and, sadly, an inurnment.

What all of these memories have in common, of course, are my in-laws.  My father-in-law passed away in August of 2011 (hence the inurnment) and my mother-in-law has suffered a stroke and, while in stable condition, will never be the same again.  It is the end of an era, I’m afraid.  Our lazy days in Salmon Cove, awakened by seagulls and lulled to sleep by the roar of the North Atlantic, are coming to a close.  A generation is on the verge of passing and we are the sad witnesses.  The greatest tragedy is, and always has been, distance.  And time.  Ever time.

Our thoughts, especially at Christmas, are with Glenn’s mom.  Our memories are of happier times.  This is the view from their property.  Some years, they enjoyed icebergs in the bay. Others, moose.  It’s a beautiful, wild, gorgeous place filled with some of the the best people on the planet.  You should go if you can.  (One word of advice though… pack a lunch if you’re venturing outside St. John’s.  Seriously.)  xoxo


12 thoughts on “PHOTO FETISH FRIDAY

  1. Sarah,
    Thank you for sharing this amazing place, beautiful people, and these touching memories with us. As hard as it is to believe, I’m sure your father-in-law is in a much more beautiful place right now. {{{Hugs}}}

    • I’m sorry for your losses, but you couldn’t be more right. We have to be thankful we had them, cherish the memories and move on. Sometimes harder said than done, but life is a gift denied many. Thank you so much for stopping by!

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