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This week, my dream Christmas present dropped in my lap.  Well, at least the wish for it did.  My blogger friend, D-anna, at Style Salvation posted it on her Facebook wall. (Thanks!!)


It’s a FEED bag!!  I missed the boat on the limited-edition Tory Burch FEED bag earlier this year and really have no intention of letting this little number slip through my fingers.  It is hand-beaded by a co-op of local artisans in Kenya.  Don’t you think every house elf should have one??

If this bag whets your appetite, peaks your interest or otherwise intrigues, please take a moment and have a look at their website or check out this short video (only a minute!) and see if there’s an environmentally-friendly gift out there for you or a loved one…

Each product on their website clearly states the aid your purchase will provide.  Personally, I can think of no better way to celebrate the holidays than to give a little.  You never come out with less than you’ve given.  Gifts like these multiply karma points exponentially!  I have added this bag to my Christmas list and since it looks grim for the Dimitri Hakke print, this is now my top wish.  Merry Christmas!!  xoxo

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