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What can I say?  I’ve got New York on my  mind.  This time last year, I was wrapping up a getaway with a few besties and January 1st, I wing away again for a few days’ celebration.  (Apparently, I won’t be celebrating, to be clear.  I’ve been told in no uncertain terms by the sweet-16-year-old and the fabulous-50-year-old that it’s ALL about them this trip and that I should count myself lucky to carry their luggage.  😉 ) Regardless, Christmas this year has me dreaming of the Big Apple.

This photo was taken on the Brooklyn Bridge after affixing my vintage love lock. (If it’s a crime, btw, I was coerced and it’s Kim and Jen’s fault.) It was a beautiful blue, crisp day.  We’d spent the morning shopping and breakfasting in SoHo, walking the Bridge – to be followed by a leisurely walk to Chinatown (hey, you want to buy a purse??) and dinner in Little Italy.  Perfection.  xo


6 thoughts on “PHOTO FETISH FRIDAY

    • Thanks! I’m not sure if this elf is allowed to visit the Bridge again. I think we’re headed shopping this time. Macy’s doesn’t have a bridge, does it? 😉

  1. Here a little story for you. Five or six years ago, I saw a movie called “Tre metri sopra al cielo” by author Federico Moccia (he wrote the book too). In the movie, the two main characters fall in love and hang a lock on the bridge Ponte Milvio in Rome as sign of their love, throwing the key behind them into the Tiber. The movie was a huge hit and since then lots of couples follow this ritual.
    I wonder …do you think the Italian ritual inspired the American one?
    If you want to know more about the Italian story go to

    • Francesca! That’s awesome. Kim and I are love lock crazy. After our NYC trip, I even started a website – – but haven’t done much with it. I do have articles on there though, so I’ll have to see if the one you mention was included. If not, I’ll add it. Thanks!!! The world really is a very small place, no?

      • Teeny tiny!!! Glad I possibly made a little contribution to your project. I checked it out. I think it’s a wonderful idea and the website has great potential. I’m a huge believer in destiny. Maybe the story I told you tonight is meant to be a little “push” and incentive to work on it.
        Have a wonderful weekend, Sarah.

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