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I would love a beautiful, homemade blanket.  Nothing fancy.  Crocheted granny squares would be nice, but I’d take knitted too.  Colourful, but not garish.  Wool (lambswool??) over acrylic.

I have several blankets my mom made for me growing up and I’d love to love them, but they were made in the seventies and I think we were all blind then.  To my credit (she let me pick the colours), there isn’t a hint of avocado or burnt orange to be seen.  I miss her more than words can express and having a blanket made by a stranger (yay, Etsy!) is a pale substitute for one lovingly made by her capable hands, but I’d take it in a heartbeat.  There’s something heartwarming about homemade, crafted wares.  (I’m not talking glue gun art here, to be clear.)

Anyway, I’m rambling….  If you should be so lucky as to receive homemade pressies this year, appreciate the love that went into them rather than noticing the fact that it’s rust-coloured and goes with nothing in your house.  😉


14 thoughts on “WEEKLY WANT

    • Jealous! That’s lovely that she made them for your children, Erin. My mom was well beyond anything that big by the time I had kids. Her interest in big projects had waned. I do have a mighty store of knitted dishcloths though!! 😀

  1. Sarah,
    Thanks you for this reminder. I remember getting upset with my mom because she gave my sons handmade blankets rather than legos for Christmas. Go ahead throw the tomatoes; I deserve it. After reading your post, I will cherish all the handmade blankets my mom gave us–even the one with a square that has a horrible rendition of Tiger Woods on it.

    • Kozo! You’re so funny! I have not a single tomato to hurl at you. I’ve had many a “uh, gee…. thanks…?” moments myself. I’m just a little jealous of those now and hope to remind people that while awkward, they are to be cherished. Sadly, they don’t last forever. (Tiger Woods?! That made me giggle!)

    • Thanks! I wish I’d asked for this sooner. There are some really beautiful ones on Etsy, but I think it’s a little late now! Maybe I’ll ask for those red Michael Kors booties instead!! 😉

  2. That’s a beautiful Granny square afghan. I learned to crochet this summer and wasn’t sure if I’d like it or not, so my very first project was a full GS blanket. They’re a ton of work, but I love that my son (2 years old) proudly proclaims “Mama made that” and dives in, then tell us how soft it is. I’m working on a 2nd blanket now and am sure there will be many more over the years 😉

    • That’s so lovely! Who taught you and was it hard? I’ve thought about it so many times, but never taken it up. Thank you so much for visiting! 🙂

      • I learned from a free online tutorial. I have a link to crochet school on my blog’s right sidebar. A fellow blogger friend directed me to it and she learned from this too, the videos are clear and she covers everything you need to get started!

  3. It is early Sunday morning and your post has made me go to my closet and pull down one my Mom made for me, as she has for each of her grandchildren. She used to let me pick out the colors, too. What a lovely memory. Thanks!

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