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The Christmas Blues

My question for all of you today is… Just how early is too early to decorate for Christmas? My thoughts/inclinations have always run in the early December direction. And, until this year, I’ve considered myself a pretty happy Christmas elf, like this perhaps…










(See what I did there?) When the days turn crisp and blue and the air has a silent, pregnant feel to it – that’s when my thoughts run to the warmth and joy that is Christmas.

My family, however, has cast me in the role of house Grinch this year.











And, I’ve gotta say, I’m not impressed.  I didn’t attend tryouts (for the role), I didn’t want it and I certainly don’t visualize myself that way. My failing attempts to keep Christmas contained within the bounds of December at least though are making me out to be the bad guy.  Which brings me to today’s question.  I’d love to know what your opinions are because I am open to correcting myself, but I have to admit that I think it takes something away from the day itself if I’m already sick of the season.  It should be special, no?  Yes?

I would LOVE to be vindicated as the normal one here, a happy little elf surrounded by elves run amok – rather than the Grinch that I’ve been cast as, but I’d really just like to know your thoughts on the subject…

10 thoughts on “The Christmas Blues

  1. I always decorate the day after Thanksgiving… This year; however, I decorated a couple days before. I figure since you spend so much time decorating and so much money on decorations why not enjoy it as long as possible (within reason that is).

    • I see the time/effort/expense point of view. I really do. I just want to keep it within December. With our Thanksgiving in October, the nearest holiday is Halloween and I guess part of me fears that if Christmas spills over into November, we might well be decorating immediately after Halloween! Lol! Thanks for voting!! 🙂

  2. Do it NOW!!!!!! My idea is to get it done during the last week of November, so you can enjoy it ALL December!!!!! The days are so short, and the nights are dark and wet, why not light it up and light up inside too!!!!!!!!!

    • I know the feeling, Jase. I don’t like being the house Grinch though, so I am trying to get my Christmas on again. It shouldn’t be difficult though, should it? Thanks for stopping by!! 🙂

  3. I couldn’t say it better myself! Christmas time is just amazing and therefore it’s never too early for decoration! I started last week and am pretty much done by now – although I have to admit that there will for sure pop up the one or the other deco-thingie I might happen to buy at a Christmas market… So basically I’m not done yet with decorating 😉

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