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“You know, you’re really very difficult to buy for,” says Glenn for the umpteenth billion time….  Poor man.  I guess the (not so) veiled reference to a trip to Paris was missed? By-passed? Overlooked?  Damn….  Not an option for Christmas? *sob*

Now that I know he is combing (desperately) my boards on Pinterest and checking out my “weekly want”s for Christmas ideas, I feel like I’m blogging from inside a pressure cooker.  My head’s gonna explode.  Should I push adventure and post about another trip?  Maybe write about vintage Louis Vuitton luggage? Post something home-made and hope for the best? Ask for something really expensive?  Charitable donations???  A can of soup?  Huh?  Soup?  Umm….  pretty sure there’s some in the pantry, Sarah.

See my pain?  I think my “weekly want”s might suffer a tad the next month.  Please bear with me.  If you see something crazy – like another pool – I’m really not asking for a pool for Christmas.  I might, however, mention Paris again…  (Seriously, the man is not taking a hint.)

For today, however, all I want is this “poster”…

Keith Richards by Dimitri Hakke (via

6 thoughts on “WEEKLY WANT

  1. We men need hints that are subtly applied with the force of a sledgehammer. I’d leave a carefully documented France itinerary lying about in several key locations of the house, like in his shoe, in the fridge, or stapled to the wall in front of the commode. Can’t hurt…

    • *bows down* Holy hell. I’m speechless. I’ve wanted this shot of KR for years and a visit to the shop in Islington in 2011 was all planned. It got scrapped at the last minute to attend an Ice Cube concert with/for my daughter. This shot is by far THE BEST I’ve ever seen. You’re a genius. (Can I stop bowing now?? My back’s hurting….) 😉 Thank you so much for stopping by!!

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