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Within the last year or so, the existence of a small, centuries-old candle-making shop in Paris was brought to my attention.  It is within this petit shop that lies my heart’s weekly desire (besides world peace, an end to hunger & homelessness, you get it)…..  a candle.  That’s it.  One candle.  Cire Trudon has been making candles in Paris since 1643.  Yes, you read that right.  Sixteen forty-three. A quick peek at the history tab on their website will reveal their relationship with French royalty, Napoleon, and, finally, the world.  I mean, people, Cire Trudon supplied candles to Marie Antoinette.  Come on!  I gotsta have one. (Yes, I know.  Gotsta is not a word.  It just works.)














And, just look at their shop!  Holy gorgeousness!













Oh, and Glenn, um…  If you’re reading this and thinking “Aha!  Christmas idea!”, I couldn’t agree more.  There’s just one, teensy-weensy little thing….  I need to smell them all to see which one I want.  In their main store.  In Paris….



8 thoughts on “WEEKLY WANT

    • I know! I totally forgot about them for a bit. I only remembered them a couple days ago when the “Western Living” was delivered. We should go get them!! xo

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