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Today is the day I “craft” (read: throw together and hope for the best) a post about Pinterest and the few things I’d advise.  Lucky for me, I was contacted on our family blog (via a comment left on our bio page) by a fellow pinner who wanted to know my secret.  Lucky because I e-mailed him a few tips, so I have that e-mail to use as a template.

Now, I realize there is more than likely a post (or two) already floating around cyberspace on this topic, but I’ve also been approached on Facebook and Twitter and have promised a post.  All of these suggestions have been thought out with marketing in mind.  If, however, you are on Pinterest for sheer delight, many of these will still apply.  So, here goes…

  1. Only pin the best of the best.  High quality, magazine-worthy shots.  Even if the subject matter is stunning, a bad shot will not be re-pinned.
  2. Follow good people.  I have some fabulous pins, but the vast majority are re-pins.  Check out the people I follow if you like my pins.  It’s a pretty short list.  Or, if you see a pin you like from someone you follow, look at their source.  It’s incredibly easy to “fall down the rabbit hole” now that Pinterest has made that aspect so much easier. *
  3. Be careful how you word your captions.  Be sure to give credit when/if possible, but don’t market too hard. Let the photo be your thousand words.  If everything you pin or re-pin has “BUY MY STUFF”  “FOLLOW ME”  or “WWW.SPAMALOT.COM” on it, you will not grow your following.
  4. Create more boards.  You will create a larger following if you have more to offer than just your blog or website board.  Create boards of your own interests.  Make boards that reflect your personal tastes and interests.  Pinterest users seem to follow people they find interesting and/or inspirational.  If all they see is someone hawking their wares, you are immediately less interesting.
  5. Set aside a bit of time daily, if possible, to grow your boards.  If you are following good people, this will be a lot easier.  Also, it would seem that pinning multiple short times a day works far more effectively than one massive pinning session.  I have actually seen tweets about people un-following people for hijacking their Pinterest feed.  Not good.
  6. Six would be a recap.  Best of the best is key.  FOLLOW GOOD PEOPLE.  And take a little time to let the people on Pinterest see the person behind the website.  It is social media, after all.

*Along with following good people comes un-following their boards that absolutely don’t interest you.  I have on many occasions “followed all” only to unfollow individual boards if they have zero appeal for me or my life.  I wholeheartedly hope/expect others to do the same.  The more streamlined your feed is, the more effective your time is spent.

And, that – as they say – is that.  Pinterest is my favourite social media site of all.  Turns out I’m a visual gal and I love everything about it.  I enjoy looking at boards from all over the world.  I am especially (& frequently) reminded of what a small world it really is.  In one case, I had a morning to myself and was looking for new people to follow. So, naturally, I looked at my followers’ follow lists.  (Say that ten times fast!)  I pulled up the follow list for a woman I follow in Denmark only to find she follows a woman on Whidbey Island, which is only an hour and a bit away and I have family living there.  Small world indeed.

Also, if you’re a curious kitty, you can check out your Pinterest “standing” at either ZoomSphere or Pin… Awkward.  I was going to say PinReach, but stopped mid-word to pull up the address to hyper-link and they are out of commission at the moment.  Oh, well.  You can always Google more ways to chart/spreadsheet/quantify your “reach” if you’re so inclined.  I stopped checking ZoomSphere once I hit “top 100”.  Hang on… okay, at the moment I am #64.  Truly though, I can only believe a “flip was switched” with regard to my numbers.  And, to whoever flipped it, thank you.  I’d offer to have your babies, but Glenn might have something to say about it.  Also, that seems a tad much.  How about I send you a Starbucks gift card and a box of Timbits??  In addition, I’ll enter you into my cookbook draw! Sorry, I digress.  (Seriously, many thanks to the creators of Pinterest!  Well done!  I LOVE your site!)

Hopefully, you take something away from this post.  Even if it’s the knowledge that I am an at-times awful house elf, who is pinning instead of doing her chores.  Which reminds me, the dryer just called my name.  Ciao!


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