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This – my third weekly want – is my first foray into anything resembling “fashion”.  I NEVER have more than a purse or two at any given time.  *hand up* Hold your hate mail a sec, fashionistas.  True, part of it is an underdeveloped vanity muscle, but part of it is the fact that my handbags go walkin’… straight to Chloe’s room.  When she was in Germany this Spring, I pulled an ORH (Operation Rescue Handbag) and recovered no less than three of my bags. They’ve all gone missing again and I am left, as ever, with my black beauty – a Michael Kors tote that has been servicing my needs for over three years.  However, the gold lining is starting to peel and I think it’s time to retire it. That leaves mama in the market for a bag…

Without further ado, this is the bag I want.  Only in purple…

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