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Homage to my biffle… (Isn’t she gorgeous?)

Last Monday was my baby girl’s 16th birthday.  It is now officially awkward to keep telling people I’m 29.  It’s okay though.  I think people stopped believing me a year or two ago, but I digress…

Let’s rewind to my actual pregnancy, shall we??  (We can skip the eight-ish years we wanted to be DINKs forever.) As I am the only girl in a family of boys and my husband is one of three boys, the odds were pretty good that I was packin’ a son.  At that moment in time, however, I wanted more than anything to have a baby girl.  In my desperation, I did everything I could to wrap my head around being in love with my baby son.  It wasn’t until some late-stage heart craziness on the baby’s part that I was re-ultrasounded (twice, looking for a heart problem) and the gender of the baby was implied.  I was still reluctant to let myself believe it.

Thankfully (truly, I give thanks daily), the baby’s heart was found to be sound during labour and I gave birth to my dearest wish come to life.  I had never felt such a pure, raw, burning love in all my life.  (Lust, yes.  Sure.  Spotting Glenn was earth-shattering, but the love took at least a week or two… ;))  I still feel it when I look at her.  Any mother on the planet would back me up on this.  Children are blessings beyond any measure.

Over the years, it has been my very great pleasure and privilege to have front-row, VIP platinum rock star seats (complete with backstage passes!  Hell, yes!) and see her grow from a sweet cherub-cheeked little baby to a beautiful young stunner of a lady.  She is kind, funny, outspoken, confident & intelligent.  She is a devoted daughter and sister (cousin, niece, granddaughter…) to her family and loyal, fun confidante to her circle of friends.

I have learned more from her, I am sure, than she has or will ever learn from me.  Watching her grow up has been the greatest adventure of all.  Now, who gets to tell her she’s not allowed to move out?  Like ever…


4 thoughts on “Homage to my biffle… (Isn’t she gorgeous?)

  1. I stumbled upon diaryofahouseelf via pinterest…I hope you know your wit and humor and the love you pour into words are fantastic…I have truly enjoyed reading some of your posts…Happy Late Birthday to your daughter…thank you…I will be back to read more…love it!!…

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