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This morning’s post will be brief, colorful & dis-jointed.  You’re welcome.  The last 24 hours have set my mind on fire and my thoughts are chaotic and jumbled (yes, more than usual).  Yesterday, was an AWESOME first day back on my fitness routine. (If everyone I care about could please just stay alive this time and not throw me for an emotional loop, it would be most appreciated.  K, thanks.)  I drank my water, ate healthfully, exercised multiple times, you name it.  I checked the box.











True story.  Next up, the concept of forgiveness.  I don’t know why I struggle with this one, but I do.  It’s not that I think forgiving people is weak, I think it’s because it appears to excuse people’s poor behavior, thereby allowing them to continue hurting other people.  I think what I need to realize is that what I want or don’t want is irrelevant and that it is not my role in this life to play judge and jury.  Nor would I want to.

I do believe in karma, but the process of giving up control is a foreign one.  I also, however, believe in some form of reincarnation and the thought of having unfinished business with nasty people – due to my failure to forgive them – is not a pretty one.  Therefore, I guess, it behooves me to trust karma and let go.  This makes me giggle though…

















I’ll just trust that their day will come.  Maybe when I wrap my head around this whole forgiveness thing, I will even hope that karma is kind when it comes for them.  Maybe.

Next up, my garden.  I HAVE to get out there.  A massive Fall clean-up is due and it’s time to plant some bulbs.  I have visions of a (very) small garden party next Summer in the backyard oasis Glenn and I have been working on this last two years and late-blooming tulips would be just the thing to brighten it up. If I underplant my peonies, that could be fab.











I also have always wanted a sweet pea obelisk.  I have the obelisks, but my sweet peas fail.  I’ve tried scoring them – a painstaking and, apparently, useless endeavour – but am open to other ideas.  A little help….  Anyone?
















The last bit I’ll leave you with is that Zara Home is available online in the U.S.  I found out yesterday from a fellow blogger and thought I should pass it along for all of my decor-mad friends out there.  I, personally, am still in the midst of an austerity project, so I leave all the fun to you.  For now.

As always, thanks for reading!  I appreciate it more than you will ever know.  Have a fantastic day!


      • I do this as well, and to bluebonnets and other stubborn ones. I have these little dishes we like to use for bread dipping oil and they are just fab for soaking seeds in the kitchen window just until they split 🙂 Then I put into an indoor seeder or outdoor hotbox, depending…Good luck with the sweet peas, an obelisk would be beautiful 🙂

  1. Thank you, I totally get what you are saying about forgiveness and letting go to trust Karma. man.. for me its not easy at times, but I started reading about it and testing it and I actually managed to get rid of some of those “nasty” people or situations LOL, this book “To Be Continued” by Karen Berg helped alot.

    • That’s awesome to know I’m not alone! I have purged almost all toxicity from my life, but just cannot forgive one person’s nastiness. Writing the post actually helped alot though & I am working on it. Thank you!

  2. How about….now here’s an idea…..buying your sweet peas already started! That’s what I do and you should hear the raves! “Scoring” them! Good God Girl Get a Life! You must be drinking while you’re doing it cuz otherwise what a total waste of time!

    • Ginnie!!! Maybe if I had been drinking, I wouldn’t have minded half as much!!! Kim says I just have to soak them! Btw, I’ve never seen them started! Must be an “island” thing! Lol!!!

  3. I believe in forgiveness. I don’t believe in forgetness. There’s a difference. Toxic people who have hurt me, I can forgive. I can look into their past and recognize that their conduct is a result of hurt and pain that has nothing to do with me. Even if it did, I can still forgive. I refuse to forget. Forgetting means you risk letting them do it again. I have learned to have limits. Sometimes it means I forgive, but I do not let them have a place in my life. Sometimes it means I have to set rules. Self-preservation is under-rated.

    And on those peas? Give’em a soaking.

  4. Try soaking in milk overnight…then rinse gently plant in shallow loose topsoil…some sweet peas reseed there self if you just push the plant to the ground…cover with newspaper till spring (keeps seed from blowing away…they just go go go…

    A beautiful EASY vine thats 1 of my favorite is Purple Hyacinth Bean Vine…aka mailbox flower…look that up…also if you decide to grow these the dried beans are toxic…and they look just like black beans used in soup…so caution there…

    • Okay, thanks! Can I plant now or should I wait ’til Spring?? I’ll look up the bean vine and thanks for the heads up on toxicity! I’d hate to serve my family bean vine soup for dinner – although, I guess I’d only do it once! Lol!!

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