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Sundays are traditionally pretty chill days at my house.  With zero extended family within a 100+ mile radius, we are left to our own devices.  This is obviously bittersweet, because having family members I adore so far away can be a bummer, BUT family drama is almost non-existent, so it’s not all bad.

Chill Sundays do come with a flexible chore list for this house elf, however.  If I skipped the list entirely, the house would hardly fall apart, but if I complete the list, I have a decent jump start on the week ahead.  Today, it is raining horses and cows which is a blessing because it’s been really dry here and our trees, lawns, and gardens have all been suffering.  I actually think I can hear the trees singing in joy.  (Not really.  I don’t hear voices…)

My biggest to-do list item on this most relaxed of chill Sundays is to frame the coming week with regard to my dieting and exercise goals mentioned yesterday.  Meal plans, grocery lists, plans for the gym, charging the batteries in my old phone because it has an awesome step counter, you name it.  I want to creatively visualize my plan so that tomorrow I can just live the hell out of it and not make it up as I go.  That never seems to work very well.

It appears I am not alone on this journey.  Since yesterday, I found that my niece, Christine,  is tracking her journey and a fellow blogger, Jason Cole, is tracking his.  He is WAY braver than I am and has actually posted photos.  I’m pretty sure he’s my new hero.  Christine and I are photo and video-averse (I know this because I asked her to post a video and she said we might not be friends anymore…  😛 )

Enough chitty chat, I’m off to make “stuff” happen.  Enjoy your day!

2 thoughts on “SUNDAY FUN DAY

  1. LOL Hero? Now I’m compelled to see this through. The only resolve I found in posting my photos was knowing that I’d be able to show the difference once I’m done. I have no doubt that you’ll do fantastic on your journey. Good luck to you and your niece. I’ll be sure to follow her success as well.

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