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Those of you who know me in 3D will know that I “struggle with my weight”.  I felt the need to put captions around it because it’s really no epic battle to ignore the simple facts that a little too much food + a little too little exercise = a few extra pounds each year.  Now, I’m no math whiz (actually, that’s not true…  straight As all through high school, even Calculus – it just sounded good), but at my age that adds up to a significant amount.  Throw in a couple of pregnancies, a little “I eat my feelings” every time we move or something traumatic happens and “Voila!” – baby’s got back.

I guess I’m putting it out there because I’m going to do something about it.  And I might as well make it public since this is a blog about my life and, well, it doesn’t get any more real than this. Rumor has it that a fair number of other North Americans are in the same boat.  Battle stations!!!  This boat is headed to the bottom.  Good news is maybe we’ll float longer??

I love the ease with which other people have eliminated X (insert yummy food here – flour, sugar, carbs, you name it) and dropped pounds like nobody’s business.  I am naturally skeptical and overly analytical, however, and will toss the pros and cons of those ideas around for a seeming eternity before just gettin’ ‘er done.  I am no stranger to successful weight loss – having fully lost everything twice.  Apparently, I am a stranger to successfully keeping it off.  So, this time around “keeping it off” and I are going to be Facebook friendly at the very least.  Strangers no more.

I have no idea how real I intend to make this.  Pretty sure there won’t be any photos.  Actually, there’s 100% chance of that.  I’ll probably just keep you up-to-date on major victories or tragedies.  Look forward to those.

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