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Sometimes in life, all that’s really necessary is a tiny shift in perspective.  We are all familiar with the “if life gives you lemons” story.  It can end with the all too familiar “make lemonade” or the slightly darker (& funnier) “but no sugar, your lemonade’s gonna suck”.  Both are true stories.  Or the glass of water analogy.  Half-full = you’re an optimist.  Half-empty = you’re a pessimist.  Me?  I’m a realist.  It’s half an effing glass of water.  Also, please describe the glass?  Is it pretty?  If so, where can I buy some?

Life has ups and downs, make no doubt about it.  We get to choose whether we rape the Facebook newsfeed with “FML!” or “life sucks” and bring our friends and family down in the process.  We have a say in how we process and filter negative events.  I’m no Pollyanna, but life sure is better with a smile – or at the very least an off-color joke.

My experience has made it evident that we can choose to see the good in things – even if it’s a hard-earned lesson – or we can focus on how poorly life is treating us and play the victim.  Once again, the choice to change your perspective is yours.  Personally, I’m with Abe on this one…

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