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Names are important.  Whether we like it or not, names shape perceptions and perceptions shape reality.  We grow into our given names, bending and changing them to our will.  It is rare indeed to meet someone and think, “Hmm, that name really doesn’t suit them.”  They simply ARE that name. Especially over time.

That’s why every new parent in history places so much care into choosing their newborns’ names – all their preconceived notions, hopes, and dreams go into those two little words.  Whether we recycle family names or dog-ear the pages of baby name books, the names we give our children are heavy with emotional weight.

It is because of this whole naming business that I have put off starting my new blog, this blog.  It would appear at first glance that all the good names are already taken.  Or that the names that popped into my head didn’t give a robust enough idea of what I’m going for.  Some of my favourites were discarded simply because they didn’t cover my whole life.  Somehow “Diary of a House Elf” resonated.  I’m still not sure why.  I guess we’ll find out together.

Of course, moments after hitting “enter” on the WordPress front page and seeing that “Diary of a House Elf” was indeed mine, I searched for a “what’s in a name??” picture and I managed to find this…

…. and now I wish I had been clever enough to think of naming my blog something along these lines.  Oh well.  I’ll grow into “Diary of a House Elf” and fill it out so voluptuously, it will never cross anyone’s mind that I could have been called anything else.  Until next time!

8 thoughts on “WHAT’S IN A NAME?

  1. Totally weird…I have a post on the back burner involving picking names for your kids and what it would be like to possibly regret the lifelong name you chose. Maybe I’ll let it simmer a while longer. LOL!

    Good for you! Glad you got this going!! Here’s to many more posts…

  2. Have you ever met anyone with same name as yours and thought, oh man she has same name? Not me, I always say is it Deborah of Debra…and the exchange begins. It’s a connection thing. I say I was named after my Jewish Aunt Dora who was Deborah ( a Jewish name meaning hero slave woman), sounds about right for me. Lol! her name shortened to Dora. Did I miss your point? Lol

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